Top Diet to Lose Weight

Many are successful in losing weight by changing their Diet and lifestyle. Some foods are both yummy and tasty and also help you to gain or lose weight.  Diet plans are mostly based on intake of food with some restriction such as high calories, fats and carbohydrates. When you follow these plans, you can take green leafy vegetables, fruits and less calories food. In this below I have discussed some top diet plan which is easy to prepare. following Diet to Lose Weight will be helpful for you.

This cabbage soup has been used by dieters for many years. Cabbage soup will you up when you are hungry and also helps you to maintain low calories diet. Main point that you have to note is that while you are on this type of diet (cabbage soup) you must not take fatty foodstuff otherwise it will render cabbage soup diet ineffective. Cabbage soup diet has very low calories therefore this is best diet if you want lose weight.

Slim fast diet is very helpful to those who really want to lose their fat. This diet helps you to control hunger. This diet is rich in proteins and calcium. This plan is specially planned for dieters. In this diet you have to take six times in a day. You can add yogurt, cottage cheese and fruits. You can also add fresh leafy vegetables, nuts and lean meats in your diet. It gives you a good taste and flavor of food. This diet plan considered as best diet plan for teenagers and to lose weight.

The Sonoma diet includes juicy fruit (like blueberries), antioxidant vegetables, almond oil and spinach and whole grain. This diet plan can also be considered as best plan to lose weight.

Negative calorie consists of all food whose net calorie count is less than total calorie taken to digest them. This diet includes low fats, fruit and vegetable. Roughages is also included in this diet, it is key content of this diet (negative calorie diet).